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Leros island is on the southeast edge of the Dodecanese islands in the Aegean. Leros has a population of 8207 inhabitants and an area of 53 square kilometers.The island has a coastline that reaches 71 km . The largest town(Agia Marina with Platanos and Panteli) has a population of 2672 and follows Lakki with 1990 residents. The town hall and other services are in Platanos. Leros is one of the Greek islands that have not yet burdened by mass tourism. The main tourist area is Alinda, most interesting villages is the fishing village of Panteli, near by is the Vromolithos beach, other areas of Leros is Kamara, Gourna , Kokali and Xirokampos. The Castle of the Virgin Mary, built in the eleventh century dominates the mountain Apitiki over Panteli and Platanos. The war museum of Leros is in Merkia tunnel built in the Second World War.

History: Thucydides pointed out the importance of the bay and the ports of Leros during the Peloponnesian War (431 - 404 BC) in which the Athenians defended Leros. The end of the war,marked the start of the sovereignty of Leros from the Spartans. The island also is known for the temple of the goddess Artemis.

Leros followed the path of the other Dodecanese during the Alexandrian, Roman and Byzantine times. After the division of the Roman Empire, like the rest of Greece, was part of the Byzantine empire. In Farmakos island, east of Leros, Julius Caesar had captured by pirates for 40 days.

During the second world war the island was bombarded for 50 days during the famous battle of Leros when the allied forces defended the island from the Germans.

Travel information: Leros airport: The airport was constructed in 1984 in Partheni in the northern part of the island. There are flights from and to Leros from Athens every day.
Leros is connected with Piraeus and the other Dodecanese islands by Ferries and in the summer there are daily Catamarans and Hydrofoils.

Beaches: Leros has many beaches where you can enjoy swimming and water sports exept of Panteli you will find beaches in Vromolithos, Gourna, Plefouti, Alinda, Krithoni, Drymonas , Merkia and Kokali.